Astrology is the logic of the cosmos, it is a potent tool for self understanding, it gives us a framework for understanding the larger forces at work in our lives. One of the most ancient systems of human knowledge, astrology can give us profound insight into many of life’s challenges. Relationship patterns, career dilemmas, our spiritual path and blocks to personal growth can all be seen and understood more clearly.

Astrology Consultation Rates

Initial 90-minute consult: $125
Follow up consults: $95/hour


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April 19:

With Mercury backing into a combustion of the Sun this week we'll be likely to face some challenges and difficulties in the realms of communication, travel and all matters technical. WE may have an opportunity to cultivate patience right now as we face these challenges but remember friends, this too shall pass ! Luckily the Cazimi tonight at 10:45pm will not only give us a break from the combustion, it may bring it's own special reward!

April 15:

Interesting energy this weekend as Venus stations direct today in a tight conjunction with the wounded healer Chiron in Pisces as both make a square to Saturn in Sagittarius. With Venus conjunct Chiron look for issues around healing and love right now. On the one hand Venus's touch on Chiron can soften and brighten our healing journey, infusing it with an unconditional love, on the other hand Chiron's touch on Venus may highlight certain wounds and limitations of the heart, certain wounds around our capacity to give and receive love in our close interpersonal relations. And as it brings our awareness to these wounds Chiron may also reveal the right medicine, and the path to healing these wounds. With Venus exalted in Pisces, we have a rare chance for profound healing at this time. But With Venus and Chiron facing a long square to Saturn there is a lot of work to do in this healing journey. We may face all sorts of issues right now about commitment, structure, and guilt and judgement as we work on healing our issues having to do with love. We may find our relationship to our father may play an interesting role in our current relationships and our current struggle to be in the flow of love. With the themes of rebirth and "the resurrection" upon us this Easter weekend, let us pray that our capacity to give and receive love and compassion be healed and reborn in a higher and more unconditional, more authentic way ! Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

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About Robert

Robert Weinstein has studied astrology since the mid-nineties. His geometry based approach cuts right through the confusion to reveal the underlying energy blocks and help you to understand your life more clearly.

Astrology was often included in the study of traditional Chinese medicine, and Robert is working to revive the tradition of the physician-astrologer. Robert holds a Masters degree in Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and regularly sees patients at his office in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle. For over 20 years he has practiced Qigong and has been teaching the Soaring Crane style since 2008. Registration information for Qigong classes is available here.

Robert has also spent time in the Peruvian Amazon studying amazonian plant medicine healing with the Indigenous Shipibo shamans. His personal interests include Buddhist meditation, qigong, and cooking. Weekends he can be found hiking, camping, and soaking in hot springs in the mountains of Washington and Oregon. He studied Salsa dancing for 2 years, and is a passionate world music fan, particularly Reggae, Flamenco, Indian Classical, and the Sufi Qawwali Devotional music of Pakistan.

Robert is an Aquarius with a Gemini rising and a Gemini moon.

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Learn Astrology

Robert Weinstein teaches 5-week Astrology intensives twice a year in Seattle, Washington. The next astrology intensive will be scheduled for Fall 2017. Contact Robert to be notified when registration opens, or for more information:
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