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2019 Comprehensive
Astrology Report

Greetings friends and astrology clients, welcome to 2019 and welcome to my first annual yearly astrology report, giving you an overview of the astrological aspects of the year ahead.

2019-2020 are particularly interesting years and I wanted to take the time to give you an in depth analysis of the energies in play. It's a deep dive into the astrological alignments of 2019 and how it may effect the economy, politics, the environment and us personally. We are heading into the possibility of multiple crisis points over the next few years, with a possible recession and impeachment/ political crisis on the horizon. My goal is not to alarm you or create fear, on the contrary, my intention is to fully prepare us all for the big changes and possible crisis that is suggested by the planetary alignments. With crisis comes opportunity for those who are prepared!

The following report does not contain "predictions". It does contain an analysis of astrological alignments and placements, with forecasts based on historical correlations and astrological theory. We have tried to identify major trends and important dates to watch throughout 2019, and laid out possible scenarios. It’s a bit long as I wanted to take the time to fully describe these alignments, take your time with it, reading one section at a time.

*How will these aspects and alignments effect us personally? Everyone will be effected differently depending on where these placements fall in our own natal chart. Some people will be effected more, some less, some will be better positioned, others will have more challenges, but all of us will be called to make or adjust to major changes over the next few years. Please contact me about private astrology consults to find where the eclipses pattern and Saturn / Pluto conjunction is placed in your chart and how Uranus in Taurus & Jupiter in Capricorn will effect you personally. Astrology consults can bring special insight into many life issues especially during difficult times. Astrology can be helpful for issues related to relationships, career, money and life direction. Schedule a follow up consult with Robert for the new year.

• Individual private consults are $150 for 1.5 hr session, or $100/hr for follow up sessions. Consults are conducted in person or on SKYPE. Robert has over 18 years of study and practice of the art of Astrological consulting.

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    Astro Cliff Notes:
  • Venus: Money and value, beauty and creativity. Generally beneficial
  • Mars: Energy and confidence, but also conflict and anger. Positive in trine or sextile, unfavorable in square or opposition
  • Jupiter: The great benefic, confidence, optimism, expansion, luck and prosperity. Can indicate excess in square or opposition.
  • Saturn: Limitation, contraction and fear. Also structure, hard work. Generally very unfavorable, but can be favorable in trine or sextile
  • Neptune: Faith and hope; also illusions, confusion, delusions and deceptions. A mysterious influence.
  • Pluto: Power, dramatic change, evolution, breakdown, destruction, death then rebirth and regeneration.

Crisis Point 2020
2019 Overview with Important Astrological Events of 2019 Leading Up to the Crisis Point in January 2020

There are FIVE major events & aspect series for 2019:

  1. The Jupiter / Neptune Square

    The first is a series of three squares between Jupiter and Neptune, starting in January, a second pass in June and a culmination in September. The main theme of this Jupiter square Neptune aspect series is "wishful thinking", fantasy and collective naivete, and difficulty separating fact from fantasy. Have you ever fallen head over heels in love only to find out the person or thing you fell for is not at all what you thought you were getting ? Swept off your feet or falling on your face.... Welcome to Jupiter square Neptune. Both Jupiter and Neptune are about hope and faith, confidence and optimism, but put them together in a square and it's easy to over do it. With Jupiter in it's highly idealistic, fiery home sign of Sagittarius, this could make the situation worse. This has serious implications for the global economy, and while Jupiter in Sagittarius could be good for economic growth, the fire of inflation could also get out of control and become a very serious problem over the next 12 months. This aspect may also act as a denial mechanism, possibly causing many (Think Trump and Fed chairman Powell) to downplay the very serious problems leading up to the Saturn/ Pluto crisis point of 2020. This could also be a very hard fall for people who put their faith in Trump and have to confront reality now. Global trade would usually be favored with Jupiter in Sag, but the square to Neptune could make for deceptions in negotiations, and could make real agreements difficult to come by. Look for major fraudulent schemes and deceptions to come to light. It can also be an aspect of both deception and illusion. We may be taken advantage of under this aspect--be careful, if it looks too good to be true under this aspect, it probably is! Many economists and political leaders may be in denial about how bad things are about to get politically, economically and ESPECIALLY for the environment. The overall theme here is that we can become easily swept up in plans or expectations that are ungrounded and not supported by practical reality on the ground. We have to be very careful to have a sober assessment of our overall situation at this time--especially our finances--reduction of our risk profile now is generally encouraged. Liquidity is key, and now is the time to make careful personal preparations for a possible major recession 2020-2021. Wishful thinking and over spending can have serious, possibly disastrous consequences both collectively and personally when reality hits in January 2020. Thankfully this aspect will be offset by a favorable Saturn / Neptune sextile.

    However, the Jupiter/Neptune square aspect is not all bad or unfavorable ! It is favorable for romance, creativity and spiritual exploration. Jupiter represents philosophy, religion and the search for meaning and higher truth; Neptune indicates spirituality, faith and higher divine exploration. Spiritual practice and creativity are favored under this aspect, and we have the potential for a spiritual breakthrough, with the challenge being to integrate these spiritual breakthroughs into practical reality. We will see increasing interest in spiritual practices like astrology, meditation, Qigong and yoga, as well spiritual plant medicines like Ayahuasca and cannabis and new age philosophies. Research regarding Psychedelics may come to light showing more therapeutic application for these substances. (Cannabis stocks could continue to do well in 2019). Artistic creativity, music, dance and cinema may all be favored under this aspect. We may see great works of art during this time period as well as prominent Sci Fi and Fantasy movies, or breakthroughs in gaming and Virtual Reality that allow us to escape reality. Any subject where "fantasy" is emphasized will do well, art and music that has a spiritual aspect is also especially favored. An important spiritual leader may arise to prominence at this time, while we could also see problems with spiritual teachers as more abuse and deceptions come to light.

    Jupiter Square Neptune Dates
    Jan 8-20, exact Jan 13
    June 9-25, exact June 17
    Sept 14-28, exact Sept 21

  2. Saturn / Pluto Conjunction: Crisis point 2020

    The next major aspect that everyone should be aware of is the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in January 2020.
    Image of an stronomer in ancient times Although the exact aspect doesn't take place until January 2020, it will be activated at several points throughout 2019, and have massive implications as we move through 2019, coloring the entire year. This is a heavyweight aspect, Saturn's symbolism includes fear, contraction and scarcity, but also maturity, hard work, stability, structure and discipline. Pluto symbolizes power, powerful evolutionary forces of breakdown, death, rebirth and regeneration; ultimately bringing a higher state of awareness and function. In this conjunction Pluto will break down the economic, political and cultural structures represented by Saturn, so they can be regenerated for the new cycle. If it seems like the world is falling apart, it is! Together with Uranus moving into Taurus in March, stability and security will be significant issues for us collectively and personally to grapple with as major personal, political or economic structures we have come to depend on may begin to crumble.

    The Saturn / Pluto cycle is one of the most challenging and important astrological cycles that has consistently and reliably indicated an economic and/or political crisis and reset point through history*. The last Saturn / Pluto conjunction occurred in 1982, and corresponded to a recession, with very high inflation and very high unemployment in the US--a period that was known as "Stagflation". The opposition (half way point in the cycle) occurred in 2001 and corresponded to the bursting of the bubble and the 9/11 attack, so these aspects tend to be quite unfavorable for financial markets.

    Previous notable Saturn/ Pluto conjunctions of the 20th century include 1914, with the infamous assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand and the beginning of WWI, and 1946, coinciding with the end of WWII and the beginning of the cold war. The opposition in 1931 was one of the most devastating Saturn / Pluto aspects, with a run on the banks and the beginning of the great depression. Another opposition in 1965 saw the escalation of the Vietnam war and massive social unrest. This current Saturn / Pluto conjunction will take place in Capricorn, which hasn't happened in 500 years, and reached exact around the time Martin Luther challenged the hegemony and authority of the Catholic Church.

    We saw the great powers of Britain, France and the US face off against Germany in the Saturn/ Pluto cycle 1914-1946. Then the US and The Soviet Union in the 1946-1982 cycle. The US faced off against Islamic fundamentalists like Al Quaeda and ISIS in the 1982- 2020 cycle. Right now it looks like we may see the US facing off against China in this new 2020 - 2055 cycle as China rises as a world super power, and one of the dominant world powers vying for influence. And the potential for a resolution of trade disputes between China and the US looks grim under this aspect. With Saturn/ Pluto in Capricorn the sign of authority, business, markets and production, there is a strong probability that the JAN 2020 conjunction of Saturn and Pluto "could" correspond to a world wide recession, steep market declines and a possible political crisis in the US. This recession could begin in 2019 and the Astrological aspects indicate a recession could last well into 2021. This is not “the end of the world” but could be tough times for many.

    In terms of investments, it may be time to switch to capital preservation and liquidity as we move into 2019. High returns may be elusive. However, for the savvy investor, this crisis point may bring many opportunities, as many assets from stocks to real estate may be at decade cycle low points. This year a new moon solar eclipse on January 5th 2019, tightly conjunct both Saturn and Pluto will activate this aspect strongly. Eclipses have to do specifically with shadows, Saturn is about fear and control and Pluto is about power. Look for some major turbulence in global markets as well as major political and economic events to unfold with this eclipse. Saturn and Pluto will be within less than 10 degrees for all of 2019, and will get within 2 degrees in April & May 2019. This close contact in April will give us more good info about the exact conjunction, with the broader themes becoming a lot more clear. Some possible themes for this Saturn / Pluto conjunction include:

    • Trump's trade war with China.
    • Inflation fears and corporate debt loads will be major economic themes.
    • Muller investigation and a possible impeachment of president Trump by the new Democratic House majority. With a chaotic, unpredictable president in office, a major constitutional crisis is a possibility.
    • The flailing Brexit deal and street protest movement in France may be other indications to keep an eye on.

    The situations with the US and Iran and N. Korea are always possible triggers for a global crisis. The eclipse on Jan 5th, the not-quite-exact conjunction in April and May 2019, AND the opposition of Mars and Mercury to Saturn/ Pluto in June will give us a preview of the crisis point in Jan 2020. It's also important to note that Jupiter will enter Capricorn on DEC 2 2019, and Jupiter will ultimately conjoin both Saturn and Pluto in 2020 potentially exaggerating and adding more drama to a crisis. This grouping of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto hasn't occurred in over 2000 years, making this cycle a potentially grand historical cycle, something akin to the reset of the Mayan calendar for western astrology. Although this crisis point may seem “bad” as we go through the process, it’s important to realize that this is a necessary transformation of society that could ultimately revitalize our cultural, political and economic institutions.

    How this effect us personally ?
    The Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto complex alignment falls at 22 degrees Capricorn and 1 degree Aquarius, wherever this complex alignment falls in our personal natal chart may indicate areas of our lives that may see dramatic changes, and are ripe for a major once in a lifetime transformation and reset. For example if the Jupiter/Saturn/ Pluto conjunction falls in our 7th house, we may be in for a major, once-in-a-lifetime energy reset in relationships; if it falls in our 10th house this would be true for career and profession. The problem is that Saturn indicates areas that may be especially difficult for us to let go of and let transformation occur. If this forms aspects to other planets in our chart this would be very important as well.

    Important Dates to Watch For Saturn /Pluto Triggers

    • Eclipse conjunct Saturn and Pluto: Jan 5 2019
    • Saturn Pluto close pass: April 21- May 11 2019
    • Mars opposing Saturn and Pluto: June 2019
    • Jan 8 2020 Lunar Eclipse at 20 Cancer exactly opposing the exact Saturn/ Pluto conjunction: It's show time folks, This will be the epicenter of Crisis point 2020
    • Saturn / Pluto exact conjunction: Jan 12 2020 (only one pass)

    *See the groundbreaking work of Astrologer Richard Tarnas and his book Cosmos And Psyche for more info on the Saturn/ Pluto cycle and history.

  3. A series of 3 Saturn Sextiles to Neptune:

    One of the more favorable major aspects of 2019, the Saturn Neptune sextile indicates successfully turning dreams into reality! And in 2019 We will be able to balance some of our highest ideals with practical reality. This will act to counter balance the overly dreamy Jupiter Neptune square. It gives us the indication that with hard work and realistic approach, we may be able to successfully implement and manifest some of our highest visions, dreams and higher ideals into practical applications and give them material form and structure. This aspect also indicates a balance between the spiritual and the material worlds, between ideals and practicality. This aspect also indicates healthy boundaries that are neither too diffuse nor too rigid, but rather a perfect balance that allows desirable energies to pass through but is strong enough to keep disharmonious and unwanted energies out.

    This aspect is especially favorable for accomplishing highly technical, spiritual practices that require hard work and discipline to master the technique. The aspect is in effect for the entire duration of these dates from Jan - Nov but is heightened within the exact date ranges. These dates would be especially favorable for meditation, yoga, ceremonial or ritual practices or other types of spiritual retreats.

    Jan 23- Feb 3
    June 14- June 29
    Nov 3 -16

  4. Uranus changing signs & moving into Taurus on March 6th

    Image of a decorative bull representing the sign of TaurusThis also indicates the beginning of an important new cycle and new era. Uranus symbolizes revolution, freedom and liberation, innovation, disruption and new technology. It also symbolizes sudden, dramatic and unpredictable change. It’s mode of operation is liberation from restrictions, a disruption of the status quo and a challenge to stability & security. Taurus represents the polar opposites of stability, security, peace and calm. It also represents the earth itself. This may feel like the world is turning upside down ! As astrologer Ray Merriman has said, this may be one of the most paradoxical placements of planet and sign in astrology.

    Uranus only changes signs every 7 years, and hasn't been in Taurus for 84 years, so this changing of signs indicates a major turning point. The last time Uranus was in Taurus we saw events like the great depression, but we also saw a hopeful new political reform movement called The New Deal with the rise of President FDR. The SEC was created on the very day Uranus went into Taurus June 6 1934 bringing much needed reforms and revolutionizing how markets operate with more transparency and GOV oversight. ON a darker note we Also saw political norms turned upside down with the rise of fascism in Europe. We also saw environmental and agricultural devastation with the "Dust Bowl" catastrophe in the US.

    Due to retrogradation, Uranus will move back and forth over the sign cusp several times before entering the sign for good. We saw this as Uranus entered Taurus from May to NOV 2018 and went back to Aries NOV 2018 -March 2019. On March 6th 2019 Uranus enters Taurus for a seven year stay. The day Uranus changed signs into fiery Aries in 2011, starting a new 84 zodiac year cycle, we saw the catastrophic Tsunami that hit Japan causing the Fukushima nuclear disaster, as well as the Arab spring protests. It's unlikely to be as dramatic going into calm Taurus, but we will be watching early March closely ! This is a highly paradoxical placement as Taurus symbolizes stability, security and perpetuation of the status quo, while Uranus signifies dramatic and sudden disruption to stability, security and the status quo. We have seen this quite clearly with the presidency of Donald Trump and "Brexit" turning political and economic norms and alliances completely upside down. These trends of long established norms being turned upside down will deepen and continue. With Saturn/ Pluto and Uranus in Taurus together, we will have our hands full, but just like the New Deal and the SEC in 1930's, Uranus in Taurus may bring much needed innovations and reforms to society.

    Taurus also represents the earth itself, and even the seasons will not stay the same ! We will see a dramatic intensification of climate change, and extreme, catastrophic climate events as well volcanoes and extreme earthquakes. Rapidly Unfolding Climate change will be one of the main stories of 2019-2020. Taurus also represents banking, money and finance and Uranus often symbolizes technological disruptions, these sectors look ripe for technological disruption.

    For us personally, Uranus into Taurus will act to challenge us wherever we have become to complacent or stuck in a rut, and wherever we have become too comfortable, Uranus may bring forces into our lives that will shake things up. Uranus can be disruptive but it can also be quite exciting, bringing much needed freedom, change and fresh, new energy into our lives. Which ever house(s) where we have the sign Taurus in our chart, or if we have planets in Taurus, this will tell us a lot about how this transformation will occur. If you have the Sun in Taurus you may experience a profound personal revolution, or with the Moon in Taurus you may see a revitalization of emotional patterns and a change of home. The more we can embrace these changes and proactively initiate needed changes, the easier and more fun this Uranus transit will be, the more we resist change, the more difficulty we will have. The paradox is that where ever we have Taurus in our chart is often where we tend to be the most change resistant.

  5. Jupiter enters Capricorn DEC 2 2019

    Jupiter changes signs roughly once a year. Jupiter's entry into Capricorn, the sign of business and finance could bring some interesting breakthroughs and changes to the global economy and financial markets. But with Jupiter's conjunctions joining with Pluto and Saturn in late 2020, we are seeing a highly complex situation unfolding. All though Jupiter generally indicates good luck and good fortune, Jupiter conjunct Saturn and Pluto could act by expanding an already major crisis. This conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto hasn't happened in 2000 years, meaning this is the ending/ beginning of a 2000 year cycle, making it difficult to determine with clarity how the very complex events of 2020 will ultimately unfold. We simply don't have a frame of reference for comparison for this aspect!

  6. Important Minor Aspects:

    Mercury in unusual extended conjunction to Neptune March 24-April 2 Indicates Confusion, lack of clarity, difficulty obtaining the correct information. Communication breakdowns, tech glitches and travel delays. We recommend not traveling during this period, or making any major important life decisions until this aspect is completed after the 1st week of April.

    Mars/ Mercury conjunction opposing Saturn Pluto Conjunction April 12- 22: Major trigger point for the Saturn / Pluto conjunction crisis.

    The Eclipse Cycle One of things that's interesting about 2019 is that the 6 month eclipse cycle is very close to the Saturn/ Pluto conjunction. Eclipses will act as focal points consistently setting of this challenging aspect.

    Jan 5th Solar Eclipse 15 Capricorn, conjunct Saturn and Pluto

    Jan 20 Total Lunar Eclipse at 0 Leo Visible throughout N America (not on the Saturn / Pluto line)

    July 2nd Solar Eclipse at 10 Cancer, loosely opposing Saturn/ Pluto, another possible trigger point.

    July 16th Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on at 24 Capricorn, loosely conjunct Saturn and Pluto could be another crisis point to be aware of. Lunar eclipses can indicate emotional high land low points of the year. Look to this eclipse to stir very challenging emotional states.

    Christmas Day DEC 25th 2019 Solar Eclipse at 4 Capricorn.
    A solar eclipse on Christmas day Conjunct Jupiter that could bring out the shadow side of Jupiter, excess, overconfidence and arrogance.

    *Jan 8 2020 Lunar Eclipse at 20 Cancer exactly opposing the exact Saturn/ Pluto conjunction: It's show time folks, This could very well be the epicenter of Crisis point 2020.

    -How will these aspects and alignments effect us personally? Everyone will be effected differently depending on where these placements fall in our own natal chart. Some people will be effected more some less, some will be better positioned, others will have more challenges, but all of us will be called to embrace change. Astrology can help us to identify & embrace needed changes ! Please contact me about private astrology consults to find where the eclipses pattern and Saturn / Pluto conjunction is placed in your chart and how Uranus in Taurus & Jupiter in Capricorn will effect you personally. Astrology consults can show us how to initiate change in a positive way, and bring special insight into many life issues especially during difficult times. Astrology can be helpful for issues related to relationships, career, money and life direction. Schedule a follow up consult with Robert for the new year.

    -Individual private consults are $150 for 1.5 hr session, or $100/hr for follow ups sessions. Consults are conducted in person or on SKYPE. Robert has over 18 years of study and practice of the art of Astrological consulting.

    Donations accepted: If you find this report helpful, please consider a donation of $10-$50,

    I'd love to hear from you! Let me know how you liked the report...
    Wishing You a Healthy, Prosperous and Happy New Year,
    Robert Weinstein L.Ac. EAMP

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Weekly Astrology Report

Week of March 6th

Mercury is officially retrograde, so we can expect all the usual tech glitches, logistical problems, travel delays, communications breakdowns, frustration and general state of confusion that often accompanies this period. We know what Mercury retro is bad for (almost everything !) BUT what is it good for ? Mercury retro is a great time to edit a manuscript, clean out a closet, rework our plans and strategies and generally slow down and re-evaluate life. If we can pause our busy lives for a second, we might find that Mercury retro actually has some magic waiting for us and lo and behold we might actually enjoy it !

Week of March 4th

We have an exceptionally interesting week in astrology this week! With Mercury retro on Tuesday, a New Moon conjunct Neptune, and Uranus changing signs on Wednesday, what should we expect?

The complex new moon in Pisces is conjunct Neptune, square Jupiter and sextile both Saturn and Mars. This portends a complex month, Neptune indicates it's possible that lies, deception and fraud come to light. The square to Jupiter highlights the theme of wishful thinking and overconfidence that we will see throughout 2019. The sextiles to Mars and Saturn indicate success through a mastery of technical details. All of this suggests to me that the Mueller report may be released this week.

Uranus changing signs into Taurus is all about disruption to the status quo. This ingress indicates a major personal and societal shift as the stability, calm and security of Taurus is disputed by the sudden unpredictable energy of Uranus. We should expect that where ever we have become stuck in rut, too comfortable, or too complacent personally or as a society, will be strongly challenged over the next 7 years. Embrace this change and make the most of it, it is essentially an opportunity for liberation. Our security blanket may be stripped away, but this gives us a chance to free areas of our life where we have been stuck.

AND as if that wasn't enough, on Tuesday Mercury will station at 29 degrees Pisces, the very last degree of the zodiac, and turn around to retrace through Pisces. This brings all the usual Mercury retro issues, asking us to slow down and pause a bit before leaping into the next cycle of action and ambition. It may be time to go back over certain issues and revisit the past for a few weeks.

All of these aspects coming within 24hrs of each other portends a very intense week with major trend and energy shifts coming our way. Buckle up, turbulence ahead! A personal astrology reading may be very helpful at this time.

Week of January 17th

We have a truly remarkable number aspects over the next few days, encompassing both some of the most favorable and most challenging aspects of the year, all coming together over the next few days. Surf's up, lets ride these energy waves and strive to meet the challenges and blessings ahead!

Venus trine Mars: One of the best relationship aspects of the year indicates a prefect balance between masculine and feminine energies.
Mercury conj Pluto: Mercury is the mind, Pluto is power, destruction, death and rebirth and regeneration. A serious aspect that indicate a breakdown or loss, but also shows us the power of words and the mind.
Sun square Uranus: A sudden, dramatic, exciting change in the status quo.

Lunar eclipse in Leo could bring up shadow elements of consciousness around ego, pride and anger, practicing humility and patience will go a long way.
Venus square Neptune: a deeply compassionate aspect that symbolizes meeting the highest divine love, but also possible disappointment around love or money.

Mars Square Saturn: One of the more challenging aspects of the year, indicates frustration, difficulties and challenges, shows where we are most stuck.

Venus conjunct Jupiter: One of the most favorable aspects of the year, an abundance of love and light. It's in a trine to Mars indicating adventure and courage, but in a square to Neptune telling us to be careful of "wishful thinking" and expectations that not grounded in reality.

Mars trine Jupiter: A dynamic, courageous and spirited aspect, let's go on an adventure!

How will these energies effect us ? PM me for info about astrological consults and readings!"

January 14th

"Next Sunday evening there will be a total lunar eclipse in Leo that will be visible across all of North America. The full moon is often a peak of emotional energy and can bring up strong emotions. Hence the term Lunacy. A Total Lunar eclipse that's visible is bound to stir very strong emotions and bring up the shadow elements of the collective and the personal. We can look to the sign placement to understand what kind of shadow elements will be triggered. Leo is specifically associated with confidence, warmth, generosity and dramatic flare. However the shadow of Leo is arrogance, ego and pride with need to be the center of attention. Watch out for our pride during this eclipse. How do react when our pride is injured ? And what happens when pride gets out of control? Leo is often related to the "king" and to rulers in general, and there is no doubt this country is experiencing a dark political shadow across the land. Things are coming to a head with this eclipse, we should be prepared to face our own shadow as well our collective shadow. If Issues of pride, arrogance and drama can be met with fearlessness and compassion, this eclipse can be an opportunity for personal growth and awareness. Prayer, meditation and ritual are all heightened and intensified during eclipses, let’s all pray for our country to rise out of the darkness."

April 25:

Taurus new moon early tomorrow morning asks us to listen to our bodies. The fixed Earth sign of Taurus is the gateway to the earth and it is the gateway to our physical body. If we haven't been listening to the messages out body is giving us, the Taurus new moon is a great time to tune in. If we have been pushing ourselves too hard and need to rest, the Taurus new moon will let us know, if we have not been moving out physical body enough Taurus new moon will let us know. The sensual Taurus new moon is a great time to get sensual and get sexual and get in touch with the physical needs of the body for loving touch and pleasure. It's a great time to work in the garden and literally put our hands in the earth itself. Always giving us the practical and material perspective, the Taurus new moon is a great time to assess our life from a practical standpoint and decide how we can better use our physical and material resources. Happy new moon everyone ! More to come On Mercury's long station with Uranus....

April 24:

Some things to watch for as Mercury slows down to conjunct Uranus over the next week: Uranus represents an interesting mix of energies, it is known as the most difficult planet to predict as it often represents the unpredictable. On the one hand Uranus can often be quite fun, the ultimate thrill ride, giving us relief from the mundane, everyday routine. It can provide great fun, excitement and passion allowing us to break free from the rules, from structure and societal and family conditioning. It represents a sudden and dramatic shift, a total freedom and authenticity which can be deeply satisfying, but total freedom is one step from anarchy and complete chaos, which maybe is not so satisfying as we thought. And it's important to note that Uranus can be so thrilling, so exciting that we can't catch our breath or even sleep. Our nervous system may be in complete overwhelm. A look at the headlines today reveal the possibility of a government shutdown in the next week over the federal budget and the very important French election on May 7th. What surprises does Uranus have waiting for us ? Time will tell...

April 21:

We have an interesting event shaping up in the sky right now. As Mercury slows down to a stop on May 3rd around 24 degrees Ares, it will form tight conjunction with zany, unpredictable, exiting Uranus for almost 2 full weeks ! It will also be in a rather close trine to Saturn in Sag, touching off the dominant theme of May, the Saturn Uranus Trine. As always with Yranus, expect the unexpected ! Some things we can look for during this period are exciting scientific breakthroughs in possible areas like self driving cars, space exploration, AI or any number of the areas. We may also experience a sudden personal breakthrough depending on where this lands in our charts. We can also probably expect a few surprises, or even possibly a collective traumatic event, whether politically, economic or elsewhere. With Uranus so prominent, revelations may have a shocking or starteling quality, perhaps new revelations about the Trump/Russia connection will surface. Mercury represents the nervous system and Uranus represents an electrical shock like a lightning strike, with this alignment we may see the collective nervous system become amped, wired or wildly hyped up. Ares being the sign of the war god mars, we can only hope that we won't witness a sudden war with North Korea or anywhere else. Whether this will be wild fun, incredibly exciting or totally chaotic or all three is still anybody's guess. With Uranus trine Saturn exact around Mid May, we have a beautiful opportunity to balance the past and the future, tradition and innovation, structure and commitment with freedom and liberty. I suspect we may see some cooperation between forces on both the right and the left against the President during this time, but this is just personal speculation on my part. I would love to do a reading just for you, Pm me for more details on private consultations ! Prices to fit everyone's budget !

April 19:

With Mercury backing into a combustion of the Sun this week we'll be likely to face some challenges and difficulties in the realms of communication, travel and all matters technical. WE may have an opportunity to cultivate patience right now as we face these challenges but remember friends, this too shall pass ! Luckily the Cazimi tonight at 10:45pm will not only give us a break from the combustion, it may bring it's own special reward!

April 15:

Interesting energy this weekend as Venus stations direct today in a tight conjunction with the wounded healer Chiron in Pisces as both make a square to Saturn in Sagittarius. With Venus conjunct Chiron look for issues around healing and love right now. On the one hand Venus's touch on Chiron can soften and brighten our healing journey, infusing it with an unconditional love, on the other hand Chiron's touch on Venus may highlight certain wounds and limitations of the heart, certain wounds around our capacity to give and receive love in our close interpersonal relations. And as it brings our awareness to these wounds Chiron may also reveal the right medicine, and the path to healing these wounds. With Venus exalted in Pisces, we have a rare chance for profound healing at this time. But With Venus and Chiron facing a long square to Saturn there is a lot of work to do in this healing journey. We may face all sorts of issues right now about commitment, structure, and guilt and judgement as we work on healing our issues having to do with love. We may find our relationship to our father may play an interesting role in our current relationships and our current struggle to be in the flow of love. With the themes of rebirth and "the resurrection" upon us this Easter weekend, let us pray that our capacity to give and receive love and compassion be healed and reborn in a higher and more unconditional, more authentic way ! Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

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Robert Weinstein has studied astrology since the mid-nineties. His geometry based approach cuts right through the confusion to reveal the underlying energy blocks and help you to understand your life more clearly.

Astrology was often included in the study of traditional Chinese medicine, and Robert is working to revive the tradition of the physician-astrologer. Robert holds a Masters degree in Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and regularly sees patients at his office in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle. For over 20 years he has practiced Qigong and has been teaching the Soaring Crane style since 2008. Registration information for Qigong classes is available here.

Robert has also spent time in the Peruvian Amazon studying amazonian plant medicine healing with the Indigenous Shipibo shamans. His personal interests include Buddhist meditation, qigong, and cooking. Weekends he can be found hiking, camping, and soaking in hot springs in the mountains of Washington and Oregon. He studied Salsa dancing for 2 years, and is a passionate world music fan, particularly Reggae, Flamenco, Indian Classical, and the Sufi Qawwali Devotional music of Pakistan.

Robert is an Aquarius with a Gemini rising and a Gemini moon.

Contact Robert at 206-954-0609 or Email

Learn Astrology

Robert Weinstein teaches 5-week Astrology intensives twice a year in Seattle, Washington. The next astrology intensive will be scheduled for Fall 2017. Contact Robert to be notified when registration opens, or for more information:
206-954-0609 or Email